Want to find out more about initiatives and organisations that use cricket to make the world a better place? Want to see how you can help? Explore the world of cricket with a cause here.

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Batting for Change (Australia/India/Sri Lanka/Kenya)
“Batting for Change mobilises the generosity of Australians, working with The LBW Trust to create transformative educational opportunities for disadvantaged women in cricket-playing nations.”

Chance to Shine (United Kingdom)
“We take cricket to new places and use it to ignite new passions, teach vital skills, unite diverse groups, and educate young people from Cornwall to Cardiff to County Durham.”

Cricket Live Foundation (New Zealand/Sri Lanka/India)
“To use cricket as a vehicle to develop the life skills and education of underprivileged children from marginalised communities in Sri Lanka and India, and provide them with a pathway for their futures.”

Cricket Without Borders (Australia/East Asia Pacific)
“Cricket Without Borders is about opportunities through cricket. We aim to promote and develop the game of cricket for young women in the spirit of sportsmanship, friendship, cultural diversity and fun.”

Cricket Without Boundaries (United Kingdom/Africa)
“Cricket Without Boundaries works in 5 sub-Saharan African countries to deliver cricket development alongside health and social messages. We work on the principle that sport – particularly cricket – is inclusive and accessible for all.”

ICC Cricket for Good (International)
“ICC’s global community outreach programme aimed at leveraging the vast power and reach of cricket to positively impact the lives of children and families worldwide.”

Maasai Cricket Ladies (Kenya)
“We aim to coach Maasai Ladies to play cricket and use it as a tool in the fight against Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) and fight for gender equality.”

Maasai Cricket Warriors (Kenya)
“Our mission is to empower youth in Maasai communities of Kenya through cricket development, while enhancing their participation in community development, allowing them to become healthy, productive and well adjusted members of society.”